We have a Mission that’s targeted towards Creating a safe future for children in Nigeria!


The Rhenium International School was opened in 2011 and offers in addition to the school lessons from the first grade to the secondary school also kindergarten places.

Currently we carter for over 230 children and adolescents who are predominantly full and half orphans, homeless children and adolescents as well as children and adolescents from socially deprived and poverty-stricken families.

Our school has a director and over 25 other teachers  who are responsible for the academic and value care of the Children. Furthermore, a school bus driver and a cleaning lady are permanently employed for the school. Depending on requirements, we also employ tailors and seamstresses to make school uniforms as well as craftsmen and construction workers for work on the school building.

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Many children in Nigeria live on the streets because many have lost their parents or they live in poverty with their families.


Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest rate of corruption. As a result, the social structures are disturbed.​


In the last five years, statistics have consistently shown that more jobs are lost in West Africa than created.​

Support the children while learning

Education is one of the most important prerequisites for a healthy society and paves the way to help people help themselves. We give children and young people a voice by educating them about their rights and strengthening them against abuse, abuse and disrespect so that they are better led into the future.

Support the children against corruption

Nigeria is one of the countries with the biggest corruption. We educate children and adolescents about corruption and want to do a good service to Nigeria in the wider sense. Reasonable education and better political leaders create a better country.

Help the children to be children

In the last five years, statistics have consistently shown that more jobs are lost in West Africa than created. That’s why there are more and more poor illiterate children on the streets. Many children do not get enough to eat. Many children have no money for the school. Many children live on the street because they have no parents. Many children have parents who have no money for education. With us, the children can play and learn together and, above all, grow up in safety.

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