10% increase in donations from betterplace-soli – MHP now on Instagram

Dear supporters, dear friends of Miracle’s aid project,

betterplace has offered us a unique aid campaign and would like to help us in the current situation! Until the end of April, you add 10% on every donation up to €200, and for a donation over €200 you still get €20.

We know that the situation is currently a challenge for everyone. These challenges differ from country to country. We therefore want to take this opportunity to continue to bear the running costs for our school children in Nigeria.

Since we want to remain transparent to our supporters, we have the following details for you:
The monthly fixed costs amount to €3,608 – including salaries for 34 people, operating costs, teaching materials and costs for miscellaneous.

Every cent counts to reach this amount together!
Here is the link to betterplace:

NEW! NEW! NEW! Miracle’s aid project is now also on Instagram.
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Now we wish you a happy Easter and stay healthy!
Yours sincerely

Miracle Amadi

CEO Miracle Amadi Foundation

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