Miracle Amadi

"To enable people in all countries of the world to have a good education and to offer a livable home is an indispensable prerequisite for a peaceful world. Even a long journey begins with a first step. So in 2007, I started building a school in my homeland, Nigeria, to provide socially disadvantaged children and adolescents with human warmth, values, education, and the chance to have a livable future."

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International Board Members

Annette Halm
1st Chairwoman

“For a long time, I was looking for an aid organization that did not want to impose something on the people in their respective country, but that knew the local conditions and used the resources of the country and the people to help themselves. When I got to know Miracle's aid project, I found exactly such an aid project. Through the work that Miracle's aid project is doing, corruption in the country and the dependence of the countries of Africa, particularly Nigeria, on the Western powers can be reduced in the long term. I am happy to get involved in this. ”

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Cornelius Eck
2nd chairman

“Many people have visions of what they want to achieve, but very few have the mental strength and determination to pursue their vision in good times as well as in difficult times. Miracle is a person who has not only pursued and implemented their vision of helping socially disadvantaged people for over 10 years, but also manages to inspire people with their vision every day. She created something great and yet it is just the beginning of an unimaginable miracle”

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Mike Blechschmidt

“When I got to know Miracle personally by accident a few years ago, I felt what a great opportunity it is to help children in Africa. For a long time I have always made donations, but after a personal change in my life, I knew that I wanted to do more for these children. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure and pride to actively support the team since 2019 and to be part of it. ”

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Claus Wotruba
head of media and communication

“Everyone loves their home. Everyone should have good options at home. It starts with school and education and is a global view that helps everyone. Miracle has this view and works simple miracles. That's why I support them as best I can! "

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Peter Bonting
General Management

“I came to this project because I really appreciate the commitment of the founder, Miracle Amadi. The results she has achieved so far are astonishing. I firmly believe that education is one of the best ways to help people in need so that they can help themselves and others. ” 

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Prof. Martin Schubert
advice and moderation

“In the long run, progress for Africa can only be led by Africans. Miracle is a wonderful bridge between cultures that helps people to help themselves to their goals. "

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Thomas Queck

"Education is the key to a self-determined life."

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Nigeria Board Members

Matthew Osawaru

Its a great honor to be a part of this esteem foundation. My heart bleeds seeing the less previlage without proper education and care and it is my greatest joy to be able to make them achieve these basic amenities through this esteem foundation.

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Helen Egbo
Board Member

I Pastor Helen egbo the formal CIE of Edo state ministry of education. Is part of this wonderful project because I want to impact in the life of the less Privileg in Nigeria! I want to help make Nigeria a better place.

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Okhomina Kingsley
Board Member

My name is Mr Okhomina Kingsley a board member of miracle amadi foundation i decided to be part of this wonderful foundation to contribute my services for the upliftment of the underprivileged persons in our society.

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Hamis Ahmed
Administrative (NGO)

Our supposed great country isn't as great as we want it to, due to lack of basic amenities which will enhance a better quality standard of life and miracle amadi foundation has made it; it's life duty to make sure every child is entitled to his/her right by living and acquiring wisdom through education thereby making our country great as it should be and free from corruption. Being a part of this prestigious foundation is an avenue for me to support in the best way I can.

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Michael Ilevbaedion

My name is Michael Ilevbaedion a member of miracle amadi foundation. I decided to be a part of this esteem foundation to serve humanity. To assist in my own little way to help the less previlage acquire knowledge. For global unity and to make this world a better place.

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